… “Ever since I got into the world of fashion I always wondered: what women want when they buy a pair of shoes? What pushes them to buy many more shoes than men? Why women love shoes so much? For all these questions I found a simple answer: Women want to be unique and they want through clothing and footwear enhance their beauty.
From here starts my work. When I think about a collection I try to imagine unique shoes that enhance the beauty of women, and that enable them to feel good and in step with fashion “..

Pietro was born in 1978 in Dolo, a small town near Venice.
Since childhood he lived in the world of shoes because the mother and father brought with them in the laboratory where they had started their activities cobblers craftsmen.
That variety of colored leather, the luster of the accessory and drew shapes creativity right now his curiosity of child.
Over the years Pietro is passionate in this world and in 2004 he decided to start the Design School of Footwear in Stra ‘town in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta. After finishing school has closely followed the shoe factory Martina design department starting from the basics to the complete realization of the collections.
PIetro loves his job and tries broadcasts every day his passion in the footwear produced by the family.