Top quality materials and handcrafted working respecting the comfort and tradition

The tradition and the passion in our work are the basis of our products.

Each day skilled hands repeat the traditional gestures to create footwear that contain the secrets of a job handed down for generations.

All our products are entirely made in Italy in the Riviera del Brenta area in the territory stretching from Venice to Padua along the banks of the River Brenta.

A family story

Martina Shoes Factory was born in 1978 in a small warehouse in Riviera del Brenta area near Venice
The founders and current owners are husband and wife Gianni Massarotto and Mirella Zanta, who, after working for years in Shoes factory of Riviera del Brenta and have learned the secrets of the production of quality footwear, they decided to create their own company with its own brand.


Our designer

… “Ever since I got into the world of fashion I always wondered: what women want when they buy a pair of shoes? What pushes them to buy many more shoes than men? Why women love shoes so much? For all these questions I found a simple answer: Women want to be unique and they want through clothing and footwear enhance their beauty.


Every season a new discovery